A couple could easily be overlooked during a manhunt for a single man presumed to be operating alone,, sometimes the killer seems to be invisible in situations where there were people around to see him.. Miss Leach only walked a short distance before she was struck down,,she might have been spotted in that pub,, or perhaps even followed when she parted from the group she was with,, or maybe someone was just waiting near a lane,, near a busy pub.. A single guy hanging around would have been noted surly,, even inside the Mannville.. There is no record of anyone suspicious having been seen,,the absence of information about this night is odd...How does a single guy get close enough to bright alert young girls at night, without alarming them, what is it that makes them feel safe enough to let him get close... Working girls get close as part of their business,,but how did he get close enough to the others to fell them silently in their tracks without alarming any of them,,? No screams,,no attempt to flee,,no attempt at self defence, self reliant young girls were just dropped dead in their tracks, completely off-guard in 1979 Yorkshire.... How,,,??....The killer had particular things to do when they were dead,,they had to be killed silently in order to achieve this,,, the place where these footsoldier attacks occurred must have been selected first,, a secure private corner was needed, to hustle them into,, Back Ashgrove will have been scouted,, possibly at an earlier time.. The attacks had to be acknowledged as Yorkshire Ripper killings or there would of been little point in risking capture to keep the tape promise.. So it would be necessary to ensure that there was a quiet corner nearby first,, Just like in Alma Road or Reginald Square,,Saville Park,, places were chosen first,, the victim was just the unlucky one to come along at the wrong time..