The communications came in pairs and I show them this way. The Police went to great lengths to reconstruct events after one of these these attacks and it was never more true than after Helen Rytka was killed in Huddersfield. George Oldfield pulled out all the stops on this one to reproduce events in small fractions,and the locals felt they were getting the third degree. Something different happened that night,,the killer nearly was caught in the act, he had a close call and Oldfield knew it.. The closing remark in the first letter demonstrates quite clearly that the writer experienced a close call that night in Huddersfield and Oldfield would have spotted this immediately...This information had not been made known in the press, Humble could not possibly have known what happened that night... The letters will have been taken pretty seriously from the start because when this guy said an old one next in Liverpool or Manchester you have to understand,,, that is exactly what happened.... Whoever wrote these letters was not messing about,, they are not Hoax letters. The letters began about five weeks after the Huddersfield attack in George Oldfields home town,!.. One would do well to reflect on the last line of the second letter,,,and consider the degree of certainty it indicates,, not exactly hedging his bets is he,,!.. Vera Millward (41) was murdered in Manchester six weeks later,, he warned them,, and then it happened,, the facts speak for themselves.... One should also note that the details of the Manchester prediction were kept secret until after Sutcliffe had been convicted..