The letters in this album are described as hoax letters by almost everyone...But I just don't get it,,if a person calls 999 and reports a fire,,and there turns out to be no fire,,well that is a hoax because there was no fire.....But the letters and tape predict three deaths, all of which actually did happen..The first 1978 letters clearly state an older one next time in Manchester or Liverpool,,and the next girl to die was 40 year old Vera Millward in Manchester just as predicted by a person who signed as Jack the Ripper. You will find endless prevarication and knit-picking regarding these letters,,but the basic truths remain clear. Her death was predicted and carried out in cold blood.. One should also note that the series of murders stop for a year after this prediction was fulfilled.. There was no acknowledgement of the letters from the Police,, he was waiting for one you can be sure.. He wanted to see the Jack Ripper letters from Sunderland publicly acknowledged and when this did not happen,,a third letter was sent.. The third letter marks the end of the twelve month lull in the series,, this time a respectable girl was chosen and made certain the letters were not ignored twice.. The change of target is likely to be a calculated safe choice,,an unusual triangular weapon was used this time,, it left unusual wounds with traces of oil and metal particles.. Oil and metal particles were found on the envelope and connected Halifax positively with the letters from Sunderland,, rare type B blood traces found in Preston also connected positively with blood traces found on the envelope,, the bite mark and blood type connected Preston and Halifax firmly together.. The tape predicted another death and the triangular weapon was used again.. Three accurate predictions of death came with the letters and tape,, the tape gave two months warning.. They had little option other than to chase after that voice from Sunderland,, but met with an unexpected problem,, they simply could not find that man..??