Vera Millward,, age 41,, was murdered in Manchester by the Yorkshire Ripper May 16th 1978.. Her death was quite clearly predicted in the so-called hoax letters...? She was found at the back of the hospital and there is a lot of confusion about a reference in the third letter to "same hospital" which is irrelevant and only clouds the issue of how could anyone other than the killer make this accurate prediction... There is a reference in the first letter to Oldfield of far greater interest than the hospital thingy.. It say's "Huddersfield never again,, too small, close call".. Recorded events re Helen Rytka in Huddersfield indicate that the killer did indeed have a close call that night.. Oldfield will have spotted the significance of the Huddersfield remark for certain,, and yet it is never spoken of,, in it's stead we are presented with a load of meaningless waffle about the "same Hospital" reference.! There is no way John Humble could possibly have known anything about the killers close call in Huddersfield.. It is the Huddersfield remark that will have gone a long way towards persuading Police that the letters were genuine from the killer,,, IN HIS FIRST LETTER..! It is also possible that the accuracy of the Huddersfield reference quietly added credence to the Policeman-hoaxer theory's which came along after Suttys arrest.