The Police kept his first letters secret,,and for a year the case went quiet,,,But a third letter arrived all gloating and nasty "you should have took heed"..and said he was getting back to work,,,eleven days later George Oldfield found himself looking at another girl in the mud..The letters are part of the fabric of the case,,like abbreviation marks,,they mark stops and starts and changes of the killing pattern... His 1978 letters predicted a death in Manchester and when his promise was fullfilled,, the killings stopped for a year....He established his bona-fides if you like..and signed as Jack the Ripper,,the deaths copied the original London Jack Ripper killings quite closely. By March 1979 a series of ten deaths and letters closely imitating the 1888 London Jack Ripper story had been reproduced in 1970's Northern England.. But his Jack Ripper letters from Sunderland were not being acknowledged,,, Josephines death marks a change.. a respectable girl not connected with vice was now targeted,, the Public outrage and press response,,predictably,, reached new heights...Ignore this man at your peril!!,,Two predictions now and two girls dead in fact,,,Where is the Hoax,,???