Oh Dear.. George picked a bad to time be talking turkey like that,, can you imagine how this went down in number ten... I found this clip on a dvd compilation only last week,, "This is Personal" portraying Oldfield as another victim of the killer,, it is a point of view I agree with.. The city of Leeds was closing early for business near the end,, a siege atmosphere of oppression caused by this killer,, curfew's were in place,, ladies groups were protesting and storming the picture house,, a joker phoned in a threat and Leeds was closed down on Friday Night.. The dvd helps one to appreciate the social breakdown and the scale of the Ripper's Reign.. It was a campain of TERRORISIM perpetrated by a random killer that the Police simply could not stop.. It could be argued that the enormous sense of power to inflict chaos was now the reason why the killer returned,, the victims were now only a means to that end,, he could wait a year and do it again,,!! That the Ripper's Reign needed to be ended one way or another could be seen as a valid argument from a certain point of view..! But that was thiry years ago,, things are different now,,!