Four envelopes were posted to George Oldfield from Sunderland,, three letters and one tape,, all signed "Jack the Ripper",, the envelope containing the tape was signed on the inside,, i have pasted it on the bottom... Every letter and envelope has a different appearance and yet they have a common source or writer.... The handwriting appears different every time and yet one can see they are all from the same person,, one obvious conclusion might be that the author might well wish to disguise their handwriting or identity.. If so,, one might ask how much, if any, reflects the authors true hand... The first two letters arrived in March 78,, by this time there had been seven or eight murders in a series that started in 1975... The first two letters quite accurately predicted the death of the ninth victim in Manchester,, and the next two communications accurately warned of another two murders.... These communications most definitely did come from the killer despite what we are told,, or what you may think you know about the Yorkshire Ripper case... It takes a little time to understand all the arguments and facts.. The best plan is to think for yourselves..