The first couple of words start off with the normal lean forward and are consistant with earlier letters,, but after that something new is introduced, a different style with some very uncertain letters and a distinct lean backwards which does not match with anything,,the overall effect is very unnatural.. A voice was presented which identifies the sender quite easily,,, but the printing appears to be disguised or mixed up.. It looks like two persons were printing,, suggesting the writer is actually protecting his identity while presenting his voice,,this is very puzzling..? The envelope is a fascinating puzzle because of the conflict of apparent motive.. The message on the tape x-references very well with the letter and there is no information on the tape that could not have been written or recorded at the same time as the letter of March 1979.. A couple was seen in Saville Park just before Miss Whitaker was killed and they were not found. A couple was seen in Alma Road just before Miss Hill was killed and they were not found either.. The presence of a couple was also indicated regarding Marilyn Moore's attack in Leeds. And finally another couple who have not been identified can be seen printing on the envelope above.. Moureen and Marilyn actually spoke with the man and both of them said he was NOT A LOCAL MAN ,,"he spoke funnily,, maybe from Liverpool"..????