After Miss Whitakers death,,his letters were publicly acknowledged..You need to understand the background of the case to see how it developed over several years into a live public spectacle..It was fairly obvious that the killer was responding to publicity and to George Oldfield in particular,, he gloried in and used the media, taunting Police at their inability to catch him. The last thing he sent them was a tape recorded message which threatened to kill again in September. On the night of September the 1st he was in Bradford and found Barbara in the early hours of Sunday 2nd Sept. She was killed very close to Police HQ in Bradford,,right under their noses. The tape boasted "you are no nearer catching me now than four years ago when I started" and sadly, that was the inescapable truth of the matter. The tape ended with an extract from a song "thank you for being a friend" addressed to Oldfield..Almost like an ending or a farewell, there were no more letters to Oldfield. The voice on the tape was a gift from an utterly ruthless killer who had killed three girls after telling Police he was going to do so..Obviously he could not say precisely where and when,,but the predictions were all near enough to tease and torment without risking capture. He was playing games with them and sent them a voice to look for..and the biggest manhunt in UK history was launched after that man with the Sunderland voice....but they never did find him.... John Humbles conviction as a Super-Hoaxer twenty five years later is farcical,, the Yorkshire Ripper letters could only have come from the killer, they are not hoax letters. He killed three girls to prove that point