This Picture was published in the Express on the 22 September 1978 as part of a catch the Ripper campaign.. Oldfield was portrayed as an alert old fisherman waiting for the pike... The last killing had been in Manchester in May of that year.... Two letters had been recieved which predicted the Manchester killing and announced that the writer was down on whores,, signed Jack The Ripper,, the letters will have been taken seriously after Vera Millward's death was predicted AND FULFILLED,, but they were kept secret.. The Police expected the man to kill again and placed surveillance in the red light areas,,,there was no real hope of catching him until he did.. Under those circumstances the above picture was published showing that the killers personal campaign against prostitution was being defied... This appears quite obviously as a challenge or perhaps a lure for the Pike during an extended period where both parties were waiting for a response from the other and press releases from the Police were minimal.. The surveillance was waiting in the red light areas,,,, he was waiting for his Jack Ripper letters to be acknowledged.. A sort of deadlock existed for about a year until the killer broke the silence by returning to kill outside the baited areas,,,.. Josephine Whitaker in Halifax,,,Oldfield announced that the killer had made a mistake,,that he was a Psychopathic Maniac.. Detective Laptew more recently observed on tv that the killer was always one step ahead of them,,,!!,,,